Ры (pbl) wrote,

выпиздил xscreensaver на мороз. эти идиоты пишут:
[...] you're not running xscreensaver at all, you're running "kscreensaver". You should stop.

Instead of using the usual xscreensaver mechanisms, the KDE folks have chosen to roll their own screen saver wrapper that is inferior to the xscreensaver-demo way of doing things in any number of ways.

[...blah blah blah...]

Then, in 2005, the next generation of idiots took over GNOME, and went back to the "bad old days" by introducing "gnome-screensaver", so now the GNOME users are screwed again, too. [...etc...]
так вот, об идиотах и скрюинге. если, не дай боже, xscreensaver залочится не с той раскладкой kxkb - все, ctrl-alt-f1, passwd. он не превентит отрисовку окон поверх себя. он люто, бешено сосет. в биореактор пафосных уродов. секьюрити, май эсс.
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